Dear Colleagues,


Non-cosmetic surgeons advertising themselves as
"board certified" cosmetic surgeons.


Continued push for solid medical liability reform.


Insurance carriers cutting reimbursement, delaying payment,
and selling policies with no out-of-network benefit.


Licensure of my one room surgery facility (office).


   These are just some of the critical issues facing you and your ability to practice in this state. Health care issues that affect your practice are constantly being debated in Trenton. Luckily, the New Jersey Academy of Otolaryngology/NJ Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons is continuously working on your behalf.


   Our lobbying team, management professionals and committed physician leadership are working hard to assure the practice of otolaryngology in our state remains strong and continues to grow. As NJAO-HNS/NJFPS takes on the critical issues affecting your practice, membership is even more important than ever. Your dues support and enable our leadership, lobbyists and management team to work on your behalf.


   Please tell your non-member colleagues about the work that your NJAO-HNS/NJFPS is doing for our profession.


   Thank you for your support. Together, we can keep New Jersey a great place to practice otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery.



Paul J. Carniol, MD, President                 Gabriel Wong, MD, Co-President



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EXCLUSIVE: W.B. Mason teams up with NJAO-HNS/NJAFPS for office savings!

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